Melksham Without Parish Council
Melksham Without Parish Council

in the heart of WEST WILTSHIRE

In the case of urgent Parish matters that cannot wait until the office is open please ring
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The Parish of Melksham Without is in the Melksham Community Area.

It surrounds the Town of Melksham and has thirteen Members. It is the largest rural parish in Wiltshire and has a population of approximately 7,500. It covers an area of 2,904 hectares (7,173 acres).

The next Full Council Meeting is on Monday 15th November 2021

There are several villages and communities in the parish, each with its own distinct character and needs.
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Adopted at Annual Council meeting 17th May 2021
  • Neighbourhood Plan
    • To achieve a successful Referendum result
    • Implementation, monitor and use of policies
    • Review of Plan
  • To input and influence the Local Plan Review and Statement of Common Ground with Wiltshire Council and Melksham Town Council  
  • To influence and lobby Central Government to change the new NPPF (National Planning Policy Framework) legislation for Neighbourhood Plans protected to a 3-year land supply, to hold for more than 2 years (working with WALPA Wiltshire Area Localism & Planning Alliance)  
  • Water refill points – post covid to look at installing water refill points at Shaw & Bowerhill sports field
  • To support Covid Recovery in the parish and wider community
  • To review the Emergency Plan (reflect on learning from Covid)
  • To engage with stakeholders and contractors to ensure a smooth transition for staff, councillors and parishioners during the Parish Council’s move into new office and meeting space accommodation at the Campus in Autumn 2022
  • Construction of Berryfield Village Hall
  • Bowerhill Sports Field enhancement project – teen shelter/gym equipment
  • Shurnhold Fields car park and improved entrance project
  • To continue to maintain a good working relationship with Wiltshire Council, the Area Board and all the neighbouring parishes who abut Melksham Without. 
Adopted at Annual Council meeting 17th May 2021
  • To use less paper / become more climate friendly (in line with Wiltshire Council’s goal of being Carbon Neutral by 2030)
  • Work towards obtaining Quality Gold Award
  • To provide enhanced access to council meetings via remote technology to improve community engagement
  • To obtain mains drainage for Beanacre
  • To achieve best outcome for the parish as a whole, for the A350 Bypass

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Wed 27th October 2021
Melksham Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group 6.30pm at Town Hall
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Mon 1st November 2021
Planning Committee- 7pm
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Mon 15th November 2021
Full Council-7pm
Mon 22nd November 2021
Planning Committee- 7pm
Mon 6th December 2021
Full Council-7pm
Mon 13th December 2021
Planning Committee- 7pm
Mon 10th January 2022
Finance Committee- 7pm (Budget)
Mon 17th January 2022
Planning Committee- 7pm
Mon 17th January 2022
Highways Committee- 7pm
Mon 24th January 2022
Full Council-7pm
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