Melksham Without Parish Council


Council Meetings & Committees

The Melksham Without Parish Council moved from Melksham Town Hall in January 2006 to Crown Chambers, 7 Market Place, Melksham.
Crown Chambers includes a large meeting room where Council Meetings are now held every month, except for August and November.
The Council Meeting is attended by all the councillors.
A new television screen has been installed so that councillors and residents can view new planning applications.

The next Full Council Meeting is on Monday 16th July 2018

Council Meetings are open to the public and commence at 7.00 p.m.

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Committees for 2017/18
Chair and Vice Chair of the Council to be Ex-officio members of all committees:
Chair of Council for 2017/18: Cllr. Richard Wood    
Vice Chair of Council for 2017/18: Cllr. John Glover
Finance Committee:
Cllrs Alan Baines, Nick Holder, Paul Carter and Paul Taylor.
Planning Committee:    
Cllrs Alan Baines, Greg Coombes, Paul Carter, Terry Chivers,
Mary Pile and Kaylum House.
Staffing & Resources Committee:
Cllrs Alan Baines, Terry Chivers, Nick Holder and Kaylum House.
Asset Management Committee:
Cllrs Alan Baines, Mary Pile, Paul Carter, Steve Petty and Terry Chivers.
Highways and Street Scene Committee:
Cllrs Alan Baines, Paul Carter, Terry Chivers, Mary Pile and Paul Taylor.
Community Resilience Working Party:
Cllrs Paul Carter, Mary Pile and Kaylum House. 
From time to time, other committees and working parties are formed to deal with specific topics.


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