Melksham Without Parish Council


The Council has thirteen members who serve the community voluntarily. Together all councillors have collective responsibility for Parish Council management. The Council is elected every four years. Following the Election on 4th May 2017, 8 councillors were elected which left 5 vacancies.  These vacancies were filled by co-opted Councillors at the Annual Council meeting on 15th May 2017. 

Register of Interests
All Members of Town and Parish Councils must register their personal interests in Wiltshire Council’s Register of Interest. As a member of the public you can view your parish councillor's registered interests. Click here 

Richard Wood (Council Chair)

John Glover (Council Vice Chair)

Stephen Petty

Richard Wood (Council Chair)

Alan Baines

Paul Taylor

Terry Chivers
01225 519197 or 07404 112047
Gregory Coombes

Mary Pile

Paul Carter

John Glover (Council Vice Chair)

Nick Holder

Kaylum House

Mike Mills

Joanne Pattison


Other Organisations

The Council appoints councillor representatives annually to serve on local organisations, as follows:

 Organisation Representatives for 2017/18
 i) Organisations:
Bowerhill Residents Action Group (BRAG)                   Mike Mills & TBC  
Berryfield & Semington Road Action Group                 Richard Wood, Steve Petty
Community Action Whitley & Shaw (CAWS)                Mary Pile & Terry Chivers
Beanacre Community Group
Bowerhill Hall Management Trust                                  Mike Mills & TBC
Berryfield Village Hall                                                       Richard Wood & Steve Petty
Shaw Hall Management Committee                              Richard Wood & TBC
Whitley Reading Rooms                                                  Terry Chivers
Melksham Joint Neighbourhood Plan                           Richard Wood & John Glover
Steering Group                                                                  (Paul Carter – reserve)
Melksham Area Board                                                      Richard Wood & John Glover
Melksham Community Area Transport Group              Alan Baines
Melksham Area Community Safety Group                    Mike Mills
Operational Flooding Working Group                            Alan Baines (Terry Chivers - reserve)
Melksham Chamber of Commerce                                 Paul Carter
Wilts & Berks Canal Partnership                                     Steve Petty & TBC
Melksham Area Waterways Group                                 TBC
Melksham Railway Development Group                       Paul Taylor & TBC
Melksham Joint Health Forum                                         Kaylum House & John Glover
Melksham Hospital & Community                                   Gregory Coombes
Melksham Charities                                                           Mike Sankey & Pat Nicol
Community Speedwatch – Berryfield                             Paul Carter
Community Speedwatch – Shaw & Whitley                  TBC
Community Speedwatch - Beanacre                              TBC
Press Representative                                                        Clerk – Teresa Strange
Parish Highways & Street Scene Rep                            Parish Officer – Jo Eccleston
Shaw Playing Fields Project                                             Parish Officer – Jo Eccleston &  Mary Pile
Market Place Toilet Joint Venture                                     Alan Baines & John Glover

ii) Footpath Representatives:
Footpath representatives for the parish to be as follows:
Beanacre                                                                       Terry Chivers
Berryfield                                                                        Richard Wood
Bowerhill & Redstocks                                                John Glover
Sandridge                                                                      Alan Baines
Shaw & Whitley                                                            Terry Chivers
The Spa                                                                          TBC
Tree planting                                                                 John Glover, Paul Taylor and Nick Holder.
Adopted by Melksham Without Parish Council at Annual Council meeting 15th May 2017

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