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In the case of urgent Parish matters that cannot wait until the office is open please ring 07341 474234   ....More

As a local resident you have legal rights to inspect, ask questions about and challenge items in your authority’s accounts. 

Local authorities spend public money. The money comes from national and local taxes as well as charges to service users. Local authorities must tell local residents and taxpayers how their money is spent. They do this by publishing yearly accounts and details of their spending

Smaller authorities (defined as an authority whose gross income or expenditure is under £6.5Million) publish an annual return that includes a summary of the authority’s income and expenditure (or receipts and payments), its assets and other balances. All authorities also complete an annual governance statement setting out the arrangements they have in place to ensure that the authority and its business is properly managed.

As a local resident or an interested person (see guide for explanation of an "interested person") you have certain legal rights in respect of the accounts of local authorities. As an interested person you can inspect an authority’s accounts and related documents. If you are a local government elector for the area to which the accounts relate you can also: ask questions about the accounts; and  object to them (this term is explained later in the guide). Your rights to inspect the accounts and related documents, ask questions or make objections, however, can only be exercised during a single 30 working-day period that is set by the authority (‘the inspection period’).    The inspection period for Melksham Without Parish Council is Tuesday 27th June to Monday 7th August 2017 - see notice here which includes the Annual Return statements: of exercise of public rights re Audit for year ending 31st March 2017.pdf

For guidance on what you can inspect and object to, please see the National Audit Office guidance here:

For a copy of Melksham Without Parish Council's Statement of Accounts for the Year ending 31st March 2017 please click here: Statement of Accounts for year ending 31st March 2017.pdf

As the Parish Council's gross annual income or expenditure exceeds £200,000 it has also reached the threshold to meet the requirements of the Local Government Transparency Code 2015, which among other things requires local authorities to document all expenditure over £500.  Click here for the Parish Council's report of compliance to the Transparency Code for the year ending 31st March 2017 Transparency Report 2017.doc

Changes to 271 Sunday & Bank Hol bus to Urchfont/Devizes
Information from Wiltshire Council on Changes to Sunday & Public Holiday buses to Bath from Urchfont, The Lavingtons, Potterne, Devizes & Sells Green from 30th April 2017 Buses on Sundays and Public Holidays from Urchfont, The Lavingtons, ....More
New Bus Timetable 271/272 to Melksham & Bowerhill from 30th April
New Bus Timetable for 271/272 Bath to Melksham & Bowerhill from 30th April 2017 ....More
Precept and Budget for 2017/18
MELKSHAM WITHOUT PARISH COUNCIL PRECEPT & BUDGET 2017/18:                     Melksham Without Parish Council set its Precept at its Full Council meeting held on Monday 23rd January. The Council ....More
Do you know that the mobile library visits villages around the area on a fortnightly basis? These are the dates that it will be visiting Whitley Reading Rooms (11.15am to 12.15.) On the same day it also goes to Atworth (9.45 to 10.15), Broughton ....More
Bowerhill Sports Pavilion for HIre
Great facilities for hire at Bowerhill Sports Field & Pavilion- get in touch if you would like to hire them ......... or book for the whole season! Would make a great venue for a children’s party or family get together; or you might be a local ....More
Bowerhill Jubilee Sports Field Bookings
To book the Bowerhill Jubliee Sports Field for an event, or to hire the football pitches (adult and junior sizes) or Pavilion, please use the booking form attached here.  You will also need to confirm your acceptance of the Terms & Conditions ....More

The news page we hope will keep you up to date on what is happening with the Council. We also wish to hear your views and thoughts on our activities and any ideas that you may have to improve life within our community.

Please respond to any information on this page by clicking here and putting your views on the comments form.

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