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Councillor Vacancy - Bowerhill Ward - another election to be called
BOWERHILL WARD VACANCY No nomination papers were submitted to the Returning Officer by the statutory deadline of 4pm on Friday 14 February 2020. As such, a further election will have to take place and this will repeat until such time as the vacancy ....More
Provisional dates for next CGR public meetings
ADVANCE NOTICE - DATES FOR YOUR DIARIES Provisional dates for public meetings as part of the formal consultation on the draft recommendations of the Electoral Review Committee, as part of the next stage of the Community Governance Revie are as follows:....More
Thinking of taking on an apprenticeship?  Read here to find out the success story at Melksham Without. ....More
Precept and Budget 2020/21
PRECEPT & BUDGET 2020/21:   Melksham Without Parish Council set its Precept at its Full Council meeting held on Monday 20th January 2020. The Council unanimously agreed to set its Precept – the proportion of Council Tax paid to the Parish ....More
Community Governance Review
COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE REVIEW: Proposal to merge Melksham Without Parish Council and Melksham Town Council You will hopefully have seen a recent letter from Wiltshire Council regarding a Community Governance Review, but what does it mean to you?   ....More
Shaw Playing Field facilities Survey The results
Shaw Playing Field facilities Survey – The results!   Throughout October the Shaw Playing field working party conducted a survey asking for the views of villagers on the type of additional equipment they would like to see added ....More

If you know someone vulnerable who could benefit from a grant to help with their heating costs this Winter then please read on and see if you can assist them with applying.

If you can afford to live comfortably this winter, please consider helping someone from your community who can’t. If you receive the Government’s Winter Fuel Payment and do not really need it, please consider making a donation for the equivalent amount or part of it. If you are not in receipt of the allowance you can still donate to the campaign.


Wiltshire Community Foundation administer a Surviving Winter grant of £300 per person to help vulnerable residents pay for winter costs ( Warm and Safe has been a referral partner for some years, however, this year Wiltshire Community Foundation has reduced the number of referral partners to just two: Warm and Safe and Age UK. The referral partners help clients complete the application form process and compile the necessary evidence for Wiltshire Community Foundation to make their decision.

Although there are now only two official referral partners, it does not preclude any individual, relative, family friend, professional or organisation helping someone gather the relevant information required and provide it to Warm and Safe or Age UK to complete the application process.

Criteria for the surviving winter fund
The grant is administered on a first-come-first-served basis and it is in two rounds this winter. Funds are limited.
• Round 1 opened 21 October and is open until 13 December 2019 (Please note Warm and Safe have allocated all grants in this round but are adding clients to a waiting list for round 2)
• Round 2 open 13 January to 20 March 2020

Means tested benefit (includes Council Tax Reduction and Housing Benefit) and ONE of the following:
1. State pension age
2. Working age and need either:
    a. Disability Living Allowance / Personal Impendence Payment
    b. Fuel poverty (10%)
    c. Health condition affected by the cold (in this instance must name the condition(s) and how it affects them). This does not include mental health conditions.

Community Foundation Surviving Winter Fund and Warm and Safe

To help someone apply through Warm and Safe
1. Ask the applicant to call Warm and Safe Wiltshire on 0800 038 5722 or
2. Fill in this application with the applicant. Please note this application form is for advice agencies and council staff to use rather than members of the public.
3. Upload their evidence to the web form application
    i. BENEFITS: Benefit award letter or recent bank statement showing benefit payment
    ii. Bank statement showing name, address, account number and sort code
    i. BENEFITS: Benefit award letter or recent bank statement showing benefit payment
    ii. HEALTH CONDITION: benefit award letter or recent bank statement showing benefit payment or prescription
    iii. FUEL POVERTY: annual gas and electricity statement
    iv. Bank statement showing name, address, account number and sort code

If successful Wiltshire Community Foundation will pay the applicant within three to four weeks.

Warm and Safe Wiltshire is a single point of contact cold homes and energy saving advice service set up specifically to assist the health service in Wiltshire. The service is run by the Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE), an independent charity, on behalf of Swindon Borough Council and Wiltshire Council.

The service provides a range of support both over the phone and through home visits. The telephone advice line is available to all residents and provides support which includes information about insulation and heating, guidance on heating systems, advice on understanding energy bills, help with ensuring a client is on the best energy deal, signing residents up to the Priority Services Register and fuel debt support.

Home visits are provided on a case-by-case basis and are especially useful where issues are challenging or difficult to discuss and support over the phone. As a guide, householders should have a vulnerability, such as an older occupant, low-income or health condition(s), to receive a home visit. These households will benefit from an advisor attending the property to assess heating and energy problems and discuss options with the householder. This includes contacting the client’s energy supplier on their behalf, undertaking price comparisons to find the most affordable energy deal, carrying out fire safety checks, providing energy efficiency advice and assessing damp and mould problems.

We are doing a month-long campaign this month with the Community Pharmacy in Swindon and Wiltshire promoting the Priority Service Register.

The Priority Services Register is held by Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN), who are responsible for maintaining the electricity infrastructure in Wiltshire. They are separate from the energy suppliers. The register is for anyone who might need extra support in the event of a power cut. It provides a direct phone number to call, advanced warning of planned interruptions, and if needed, support from the Red Cross or similar.
The 113 pharmacies will distribute a leaflet in prescription bags as well as provide leaflets and display posters in their Healthy Living Pharmacy promotion areas.

Work with discharge teams at Great Western Hospital and Salisbury Foundation Hospital

Hospital admissions for some health conditions are related to cold temperatures and increase dramatically in the winter. In cold weather there is an increase in the number of admissions for influenza, pneumonia and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

In conjunction with the Centre for Sustainable Energy, Swindon Borough Council, Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) and Wessex Water, Warm and Safe trialled placing an energy advisor into the Great Western Hospital over the winter of 2018/19 to work with the integrated discharge team. Due to the success of the trial, Warm and Safe has an energy advisor in both Salisbury Foundation Hospital and Great Western Hospital this winter (2019/20).

Warm and Safe Wiltshire ensures that after their stay in hospital, patients return to a warm and healthy home. This improves their ability to recuperate, reduces the likelihood of re-admittance and cuts repeat visits to their GP1. The advisors do this by ensuring patient’s heating is working and the controls are set correctly, that they are claiming the benefits they are entitled to, help them clear fuel debt, sign them up for power cut advice and help them claim the Warm Home Discount. If we find that the patient’s heating isn’t working, we can provide funding to get it fixed as well as provide emergency temporary heating whilst they wait, enabling the nurse to prepare the patient for discharge.

Further Information
• Warm and Safe Service: or call Freephone 0800 038 5722.
• Wiltshire Community Foundation:
• Priority Services Registers (Water and Electricity):
• Integrated Discharge Nurse from GWH talking about experience last winter:
• Case Studies:
• NICE Guidance Excess winter deaths and illness and the health risks associated with cold homes:

Privacy Notice & Data Protection Policies
For details of the parish council's privacy notice and Data Protection policies please see the section "Council Policies" under "Your Council" from the main menu.....More
CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) - Income & Expenditure 2018/19
(CIL) COMMUNITY INFRASTRUCTURE LEVY: There is a legal requirement for the Parish Council to publish and inform Wiltshire Council as the Local Authority, what it has spent any CIL monies on. In 2017/18 the parish council received £23,820 but right ....More
Sandridge Solar Farm Community Funding - Income & Expenditure 2018/19
SANDRIDGE SOLAR FARM COMMUNITY FUNDING: The Community Benefit from Sandridge Solar Farm is £1millon over 25 years, which equates to £40,000 per year. This amount is divided between the parishes surrounding it proportionately calculated ....More
Parish Councillors (May 2019)
Last night was Melksham Without Parish Council's Annual Council meeting, lots of plans for the forthcoming year. ....More
Cllr Richard Wood elected Chairman for 2019/20
Cllr Richard Wood was elected as Chairman of Melksham Without Parish Council last night, pictured here signing his Declaration of Office. Cllr John Glover was elected as Vice Chair. ....More
Parish Council Objectives for 2019/20
Melksham Without Parish Council set its objectives for the next year at its Annual Council meeting on 13th May 2019. ....More
Play Area Inspections
Melksham Without Parish Council maintains all the play areas in the parish, which are subject to a weekly visual inspection, quarterly more detailed written inspection by ROSPA qualified staff, and an annual independent ROSPA inspection.   ....More
Privacy Notice
The information you provide (personal information such as name, address, email address, phone number, organisation) will be processed and stored to enable us to contact you and respond to your correspondence, provide information and/or access our facilities ....More
Pre-application meetings with developers welcomed
The Parish Council welcomes the opportunity to hold meetings with developers at early pre-application stage in order to discuss the needs and requirements of the community and how any potential future development could meet or address these. Please click ....More
Melksham Neighbourhood Plan
Melksham Without Parish Council and Melksham Town Council are working together to develop a joint Melksham Neighbourhood Plan. Please click here to be directed to the website.....More
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