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Melksham Without Parish Council set its Precept at its Full Council meeting held on Monday 20th January 2020. The Council unanimously agreed to set its Precept – the proportion of Council Tax paid to the Parish Council – at £221,234 for the 2020/21 financial year, which is a rise of £20,126 (10.01%) on last year’s Precept.  This means that the average Band D household will contribute £80.33 to Melksham Without Parish Council, a rise of £4.64 on last year, which is a 6.13% rise. Band D properties are used as a measure of the national average, and some households will see a smaller or bigger increase, based on their Band rating for Council Tax.
The parish council run a number of facilities and services in the parish from this Precept funding and support a number of community ventures in both the parish as well as those in the Town and villages outside the Parish.    It currently runs and maintains five play areas (Berryfield, Shaw, Beanacre and Kestrel Court and Hornchurch Road in Bowerhill) with two more to be taken on from the developers in the new housing developments in the Bellway development on Semington Road and the Taylor Wimpey development in Pathfinder Place, Bowerhill.   In addition it also owns two playing fields, one in Bowerhill and one in Shaw (The Beeches), both of which are soon to have water refill stations installed on the outside of the changing rooms to give members of the public access to free drinking water to reduce the amount of single use plastic bottles in the parish. The parish council is also taking on some additional grasscutting this year, on public open space owned by Wiltshire Council, to improve the cutting in some areas and for wildflower meadow areas in patches on the public open spaces.  The parish council has two allotment sites, both in Berryfield, which have full occupancy of 76 tenants at present; and a new enlarged car park reusing the plainings from the A350 Western Way when the road was resurfaced at the end of 2019.
The parish council contributes to a variety of joint ventures with Melksham Town Council such as the Melksham Neighbourhood Plan, development of Shurnhold Fields mini country park and the public toilets in the Market Place.  It is also contributing to an Age Friendly Consultant for an Area Board project, towards new furniture for the new café and plaza planned at the Melksham Railway Station and towards the newly set up Junior parkrun at King George V park.   As well as joint ventures, the parish council provides grant funding (£24,900 in the current financial year with a similar amount budgeted for next year).    These grants provide valuable funding for all the village halls in the parish; Shaw, Bowerhill, Whitley Reading Rooms and the temporary hall in Berryfield plus the Rachel Fowler Centre in town as well as wide spread of clubs, support groups, and organisations that provide sporting activities, village publications, events and activities for young and old such as for Young Melksham that run the Canberra Youth Centre.   The grants are for those organisations that benefit the residents of Melksham Without, so are not all contained in the parish but some are based in the Town or in other villages outside the parish. If you are interested in this grant funding, the deadline for applications for 2020/21 is 31st January, please see the council’s website to download an application form or contact the office.
The Parish Council has received additional funding from the Government’s CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) scheme which is a levy directly on new housing developments in the parish.  When budget setting the Council have not put money into Reserves for future projects that could be paid for from CIL, and will look to use the CIL funding for a variety of infrastructure projects including the development and kitting out of a new village hall in Berryfield in association with the approved planning application of 150 houses in Land to the east of Semington Road and a new Community Centre in Town, in association with the approved planning application for 450 houses in Land to the east of Spa Road.
Other budgeted items are for highway improvement projects working with Wiltshire Council’s CATG (Community Area Transport Group) such as a new bus shelter on Falcon Way, Bowerhill and a long-held desire to install “Real Time Information” into bus shelters and flood prevention work in Shaw and Whitley.
A copy of the Minutes of the Parish Council’s Finance Committee meeting when the Budget and Precept were discussed is available to view by clicking on the Finance Committee link below.

Finance Committee Meeting Tuesday 7th January 2020 Minutes  

A copy can also be obtained from the office at Sports Pavilion, Westinghouse Way, Bowerhill, Melksham, SN12 6TL during the public opening hours of Monday to Thursday 10-12 and 2-4pm.

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For details of the parish council's privacy notice and Data Protection policies please see the section "Council Policies" under "Your Council" from the main menu.....More
CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) - Income & Expenditure 2018/19
(CIL) COMMUNITY INFRASTRUCTURE LEVY: There is a legal requirement for the Parish Council to publish and inform Wiltshire Council as the Local Authority, what it has spent any CIL monies on. In 2017/18 the parish council received £23,820 but right ....More
Sandridge Solar Farm Community Funding - Income & Expenditure 2018/19
SANDRIDGE SOLAR FARM COMMUNITY FUNDING: The Community Benefit from Sandridge Solar Farm is £1millon over 25 years, which equates to £40,000 per year. This amount is divided between the parishes surrounding it proportionately calculated ....More
Parish Councillors (May 2019)
Last night was Melksham Without Parish Council's Annual Council meeting, lots of plans for the forthcoming year. ....More
Cllr Richard Wood elected Chairman for 2019/20
Cllr Richard Wood was elected as Chairman of Melksham Without Parish Council last night, pictured here signing his Declaration of Office. Cllr John Glover was elected as Vice Chair. ....More
Parish Council Objectives for 2019/20
Melksham Without Parish Council set its objectives for the next year at its Annual Council meeting on 13th May 2019. ....More
Play Area Inspections
Melksham Without Parish Council maintains all the play areas in the parish, which are subject to a weekly visual inspection, quarterly more detailed written inspection by ROSPA qualified staff, and an annual independent ROSPA inspection.   ....More
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Pre-application meetings with developers welcomed
The Parish Council welcomes the opportunity to hold meetings with developers at early pre-application stage in order to discuss the needs and requirements of the community and how any potential future development could meet or address these. Please click ....More
Melksham Neighbourhood Plan
Melksham Without Parish Council and Melksham Town Council are working together to develop a joint Melksham Neighbourhood Plan. Please click here to be directed to the website.....More
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