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Council Meeting Update
Melksham Without Parish Council Office Closed
Following the recent Government advice,  Melksham Without Parish Council have taken the regrettable decision to close their office to the public.   Office staff can be reached by the Council Mobile Phone 07341 474234

You can also reach office staff and councillors by email (see website for details) or send to

Parish Council staff will continue to undertake their duties, including the amenities staff who will carry on with health and safety inspections of play areas, playing fields and allotments in the parish until Government advice changes.

Please check for regular updates and useful information on the Parish Council website.

Melksham Without Parish Council Meetings 

The Parish Council Meetings are now being held face to face again, and members of the public are welcome to attend remotely or in person. You can read more here about the covid restrictions in place for public meetings here.   Please click here for instructions on how to join the meeting remotely. 

Meetings are available to view on YouTube after the meeting, up until the minutes are approved.  The council agendas are published on the website and local noticeboards, and it gives full details of how to get involved. 


In the case of urgent Parish matters that cannot wait until the office is open please ring 07341 474234   ....More

Melksham Without Parish Council's Planning Meeting on Monday 2nd August will be held in a different venue than usual, and will be an IN PERSON MEETING at St Barnabas Church, Beanacre at 7pm. This is to allow easier access for parish ....More

Information on Use of Drones
Flying Drone Information: No Matter What Size Drone You Are Flying EVERYBODY Must Comply with these Drone Laws: The Drone Code – The CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) published The Drone and Model Aircraft Code in October 2019, which is clear ....More

Want to find out more about the proposed #Melksham bypass? Wiltshire Council are holding two drop-in information sessions at Melksham Library. The first is on Friday 30 July from 9.30am-1pm and another on Friday 6 August from ....More

Feedback from Wessex Water on Beanacre mains drainage
FEEDBACK FROM WESSEX WATER FOLLOWING THE INVESTIGATIVE WORK AT BEANACRE RECENTLY REGARDING MAINS DRAINAGE   Our investigation work in Westlands Lane went well and we have sufficient information to proceed with our optioneering ....More

CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) spend in 2020/21
(CIL) COMMUNITY INFRASTRUCTURE LEVY: There is a legal requirement for the Parish Council to publish and inform Wiltshire Council as the Local Authority, what it has spent any CIL monies on.   CIL income received in 2020/21 Land east of Semington ....More

SANDRIDGE SOLAR FARM COMMUNITY FUNDING: The Community Benefit from Sandridge Solar Farm is £1millon over 25 years, which equates to £40,000 per year. This amount is divided between the parishes surrounding it proportionately calculated by ....More

Newly Co-opted Councillors for Melksham Without
A very warm welcome to the newly co-opted councillors of Melksham Without Parish Council. Cllr John Doel representing the Beanacre, Shaw, Whitley & Blackmore Ward Cllr Andy Russell & Cllr Rob Hoyle representing the Bowerhill Ward Contact ....More

The unauthorised encampment on Bowerhill Sports Field has now been cleared. A big thankyou and shout out to all involved, from the police who have been involved from the beginning and assisted with their removal last night to the parish council officers ....More

Weedspraying in the parish Early July
Melksham Without Parish Council’s contractors have weed sprayed the kerb lines and bus shelters on every road in the parish on Thursday & Friday. Plus there is a trial area for a non glysophate weed killer for comparison. ....More

HAVE YOU WATCHED THE VIDEO OF THE EMERGING BYPASS ROUTE ? You can watch here Melksham Without Parish Council will be holding two public meetings w/c 19th July to hear the views of parishioners to help ....More

There is lots of news and information about the 2nd Consultation on the proposed Melksham Bypass and so we  have tried to pull it all together into one page with links for parish residents.  The parish council is keen to ensure that residents ....More

Parish and Town Councils must publish an Annual Return that includes a summary of their income and expenditure; its assets and other balances. They also have to complete an Annual Governance statement setting out the arrangements they have in place to ....More

2nd Bypass Consultation 23rd June - 8th August
All the info on the bypass consultation here and link to latest emerging option

Precept & Budget 2021/22
Melksham Without Parish Council Precept & Budget 2021/22 Melksham Without Parish Council have agreed to a reduction in Precept of 1.5% for 2021/22 whilst maintaining all services and continuing with existing projects. To have kept the Precept ....More

Meetings available on Youtube
Council meetings are currently being live streamed on Youtube, and you can watch them by looking for Melksham Without Parish Council or clicking here  you will normally ....More

How to Join a Virtual Council Meeting
Joining a Virtual Council Meeting  The Parish Council Meetings are currently being held remotely due to the current Covid-19 pandemic but as residents and interested parties you can still participate virtually. Please click here for instructions ....More

Precept and Budget 2020/21
PRECEPT & BUDGET 2021/22:   Melksham Without Parish Council have agreed to a reduction in Precept of 1.5% for 2021/22 whilst maintaining all services and continuing with existing projects. To have kept the Precept at the previous level would ....More

Privacy Notice & Data Protection Policies
For details of the parish council's privacy notice and Data Protection policies please see the section "Council Policies" under "Your Council" from the main menu. ....More

Privacy Notice
The information you provide (personal information such as name, address, email address, phone number, organisation) will be processed and stored to enable us to contact you and respond to your correspondence, provide information and/or access our facilities ....More

Pre-application meetings with developers welcomed
The Parish Council welcomes the opportunity to hold meetings with developers at early pre-application stage in order to discuss the needs and requirements of the community and how any potential future development could meet or address these. Please click ....More

Want to keep in touch?
Want to keep in touch? Follow us on facebook Melksham Without Parish Council or Teresa Strange (Clerk) for additional community news, on twitter @melkshamwithout and melkshamwithoutpc on instagram. ....More

The news page we hope will keep you up to date on what is happening with the Council. We also wish to hear your views and thoughts on our activities and any ideas that you may have to improve life within our community.

Please respond to any information on this page by clicking here and putting your views on the comments form.