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Reg 14 consultation on draft Melksham Neighbourhood Plan ** NOW OPEN **

Notice of Regulation 14 Pre-Submission Consultation and Publicity on the Draft Melksham Neighourhood Plan

Melksham Town Council and Melksham Without Parish Council have prepared a Draft Neighbourhood Plan for the parishes of Melksham Town and Melksham Without. The Plan proposes a number of planning policies which, once adopted, must be used in the determination of planning applications within the Parishes.

In accordance with the Neighbourhood Plan (General) Regulations 2012, Melksham Town Council and Melksham Without Parish Council are required to publicise the Draft Melksham Neighbourhood Plan and invite comments. Copies of the Plan will be available for public inspection for eight weeks commencing Monday 1st June 2020 and ending at midnight on Monday 27th July 2020. (Please note this is an extension of closing date)

The decision to proceed with this consultation has been carefully considered, given the current situation with Covid-19.  Though we are currently not able to hold public events or have hard copies of the draft plan available in public locations, people are invited to call or email with any questions or for support to access the plan and/or the comments form. Please keep checking the website for updates.
The draft plan will be available for inspection online at  a comments form is also available to download.
If you have any problems accessing the Plan, Comments Form or Evidence Documents please get in touch so that we can arrange for hard copies to be posted to you and/or a visit be arranged to view them at the Town Hall or Parish Council office, by appointment. Please contact:
Linda Roberts, Clerk, Melksham Town Council: or telephone 01225 704187
Teresa Strange, Clerk, Melksham Without Parish Council: or telephone 01225 705700

Any  person or organisation may comment on the Plan. 
All representations must be received by either Melksham Town Council or Melksham Without Parish Council no later than midnight on Monday 27 July 2020.  All representations will be available* and will be considered by both Councils in producing the final plan, which will then be submitted to Wiltshire Council for Regulation 16 consultation and Independent Examination.   
(*with personal information redacted). 
We will share information of who was contacted with Wiltshire Council to enable contact again at the Regulation 16 stage.


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