Melksham Without Parish Council


Council Office Clerk and Staff

The Council employs a clerk who is responsible to the Council as a whole and has the task of being Chief Executive, Secretary and Financial Officer.

Our Clerk is Teresa Strange.

The Clerk's role is to:
  • Organise Council meetings and take minutes
  • Keep the Council as fully informed as possible on local matters
  • Manage the Council accounts and attend Audit
  • Ensure the Council acts legally
  • Deal with public enquiries
  • Research material for Council projects and meetings
  • Carry out the wishes of the Council as efficiently as possible
  • Take responsibility for Council staff
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The Minute Secretary and Assistant Parish Officer is Jo Eccleston. Please contact Jo for all of your queries regarding planning matters and allotments.

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The Parish Council has a Parish Caretaker, Terry Cole. Terry has a variety of practical skills and is well qualified to keep the parish looking clean and tidy.

If there is an area you would like to see improved, please let the Clerk know via the Feedback Form or via the email address below or telephone the Clerk on (01225) 705700.

Alternatively if you would like to help us organising a local litter-pick to make your area look a bit more spruce, please get in touch - we can supply the gloves and bags.

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The Apprentice Parish Officer  is Marianne Rossi.

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