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Whitley is a most attractive stone-built village, very close to Shaw with a population of about 800 people. It has many beautiful old stone dwellings, both large and small, along its three main lanes; Top Lane, Middle Lane and First Lane.

Whitley has a thriving Post Office and General Store situated in Top Lane. Almost opposite the Post Office there is a quality restaurant/ public house, The Pear Tree which is known for its excellent cuisine for miles around. In Middle Lane, a late Victorian building, known as Whitley Reading Rooms is situated.

Whitley Reading Rooms New disabled access ramp, completed in March 2005

It was built in 1904 and provides a popular venue for a variety of clubs; not least The Whitley Players who regularly host all sorts of drama productions in the village. Recently the Whitley Reading Rooms celebrated 100 years with a Centenary Dinner. The 1914/18 Roll of Honour which had fallen into disrepair, had been completely restored in July 2009. Recent improvements include disabled access, complete upgrade of toilet facilities and the car park was resurfaced in November 2009. The next task is to replace the draughty old metal-framed windows; fund raising is in progress. Whitley also has an old Methodist Church in Top Lane which is regularly used for services.

Methodist Chapel at Whitley

Shaw and Whitley work together to have a joint Village Magazine, "Connect". Residents from both villages of Shaw and Whitley came together to form SWAG - the Shaw and Whitley Action Group. A Community Plan was prepared and from this various projects are now being implemented. However, SWAG is now dormant, but can be revived if any major issues arise. Residents of Whitley are very keen to have an Amenity Garden, with a Toddlers' Park and the Parish Council and are still working hard to find a suitable site in Whitley for the Garden.

Whitley has many attractive walks, with a network of footpaths to link the village to Shaw, Atworth and Beanacre. It is a very popular place to live as it is within easy reach of Melksham and Corsham for shopping. To this end, the Parish Council secured a Parish Improvement Grant (PIGS) and information boards have been erected in four areas of the Parish, Shaw & Whitley, Bowerhill, Berryfields and Beanacre. The Shaw and Whitley board has been erected near the School/Shaw Church, and is proving to be very popular.

A topical subject is a possible new Youth Club for Shaw and Whitley. Young people from the village attended a Youth Issues Meeting some time ago to ask for better facilities. A Public Meeting was organised for everyone; young people, parents and older residents to get together and say what they would like to see for the future. The Council is keen to hear from anyone in Shaw and Whitley who would like to become involved in setting a new Youth Club up and helping to run it. The Council is seeking site for a youth shelter, but to date, no suitable site has been found.

New footways have been installed from Middle Lane to First Lane

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