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Service update during lockdown

Council Meeting Update
Melksham Without Parish Council Office Closed


Following the recent Government advice,  Melksham Without Parish Council have taken the regrettable decision to close their office to the public.

Office staff can be reached by the Council Mobile Phone
07341 474234

You can also reach office staff and councillors by email (see website for details) or send to

Parish Council staff will continue to undertake their duties, including the amenities staff who will carry on with health and safety inspections of play areas, playing fields and allotments in the parish until Government advice changes.

Please check for regular updates and useful information on the Parish Council website.

Melksham Without Parish Council Meetings 

The Parish Council Meetings are currently being held remotely but as residents and interested parties you can still participate virtually or watch by live streaming. Please click here for instructions on how to join a virtual council meeting. 

Meetings are available to view on YouTube after the meeting, up until the minutes are approved.  The council agendas are still being published on the website and local noticeboards, and it gives full details of how to get involved. 

In the case of urgent Parish matters that cannot wait until the office is open please ring
07341 474234

The Parish of Melksham Without is in the Melksham Community Area.

It surrounds the Town of Melksham and has thirteen Members. It is the largest rural parish in Wiltshire and has a population of approximately 7,500. It covers an area of 2,904 hectares (7,173 acres).

The next Full Council Meeting is on Monday 26th April 2021
Click here for the agenda

There are several villages and communities in the parish, each with its own distinct character and needs.
Your Council is Here to Serve You

If you are a resident of Melksham Without and have an issue you would like raised with your local council, please get in touch with the Clerk or your local Councillors.

If you have any comments about our web site or suggestions for information or resources that you would like to see added, please let us know via the feedback page.

adopted at the Annual Council Meeting 13th May 2019
  • To continue working to produce a robust, community led Neighbourhood Plan for the designated Area.
  • To continue to investigate the possibility of installing a Teen Shelter in Bowerhill.
  • To continue to actively seek ways to promote the hire of the Bowerhill Sports Field and Pavilion changing room facilities.
  • To continue to work in partnership with Melksham Town Council & the Friends of Shurnhold Fields to actively develop the shared Public Open Space at Shurnhold Fields.
  • To continue to work with partner organisations to achieve flood alleviation in the parish.
  • To continue to work with the relevant organisations to improve Shaw Play Area.
  • To continue to maintain a good working relationship with Wiltshire Council, the Area Board and all the neighbouring parishes who abut Melksham Without.
  • To ensure, following the Local Government Boundary Commission for England review of the unitary boundaries in the County, that Melksham Without maintains its integrity and independence in order that the rural nature of the parish and the individual character of its constituent villages and communities are preserved.

Website Disclaimer
Whilst every effort is made to ensure the information given on the website is correct, Melksham Without Parish Council does not accept any responsibility for any errors shown. Opinions expressed or implied by material on the website are not necessarily those of the Council at any given time. All material on this website; text photos and graphics, are owned by Melksham Without Parish Council and copyright of the Council.

Mon 26th April 2021
Full Council Meeting - 7pm
Click Here for the Agenda
Mon 17th May 2021
ANNUAL COUNCIL (first meeting of newly elected council)
Mon 24th May 2021
Planning Committee- 7pm
Mon 24th May 2021
Finance Committee at 7.30pm (TBC after Planning Comm)
Wed 26th May 2021
ANNUAL PARISH at Bowerhill Village Hall
Mon 7th June 2021
Planning Committee- 7pm
Mon 7th June 2021
Asset Management Committee (Following Planning)
Mon 14th June 2021
Finance Committee- 7pm
Mon 28th June 2021
Full Council-7pm
Mon 5th July 2021
Planning Committee- 7pm
Mon 5th July 2021
Staffing Committee (Following Planning Committee)
Mon 12th July 2021
Highways Committee- 7pm
Mon 19th July 2021
Full Council-7pm
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Meeting Calendar